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NIL is for Everyone

We’ve heard from countless athletes, coaches, and administrators, and the message is the same: NIL education is critical for everyone. From the Division I college athlete to the high school junior starting the college recruiting process, there are NIL opportunities available to you. 

If you are just starting out in your NIL journey or don’t know where to begin, we are here to help. We’ve simplified the process and broken it down into an online game plan to help you make the best decisions about your potential NIL opportunities. 

And while NIL can certainly serve you in college, you’ll also develop professional skills that will give you a head start in your career after college. 

Let’s maximize your potential.

Not Sure How to Get Started in NIL?

Hear directly from student-athletes in this free webinar recording.

In just 30 minutes, two successful student-athletes share their stories of how they got started in NIL, their biggest takeaways, and advice they would give to anyone looking to get involved.

Your Future Begins Now

The Players NIL is an online educational program that equips you with the financial and brand building skills to navigate NIL opportunities.

We are not a brand representative or a deal maker. We educate and develop your intellectual property and give you the tools to make the best decisions about your NIL opportunities.

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The NIL Playbook

The NIL Playbook, hosted by Mark Koesterer, welcomes a new guest each week to talk sports, professional development, and how to leverage valuable athletic experience to build a successful career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Five Pillars Course is a comprehensive online course that covers 5 key areas surrounding NIL. It is meant to provide student-athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic administrators with a strong foundational knowledge of NIL and how it can be effectively leveraged to the athlete’s advantage.

Pillar 1: Personal Brand Development
Pillar 2: Influencer and Brand Relations
Pillar 3: Legal, Tax, and Compliance
Pillar 4: Philanthropy and Community Service
Pillar 5: Financial Literacy

You can read more about each individual pillar on this page.

This is an online, self-guided course. You can take it at your own pace, go back and review previous modules as needed, and take your time – it’s all up to you!

The course contains 5 modules. Each module will take approximately one hour to complete, therefore the entire course will generally take about 5 hours total.

  • High school student-athletes – especially those just starting their journey. 
  • College student-athletes – especially those who don’t think NIL opportunities are for them. 
  • Parents of student-athletes who want to help their kids
  • Coaches who want to be versed in the NIL landscape
  • High school and college administrators that want to provide their student-athletes
  • Anyone who values learning professional development and personal brand building skills.

Because there are NIL opportunities for every student-athlete right now. A strong NIL road map teaches critical life skills including personal branding, money management, taxes, social media and philanthropic endeavors – valuable skills for life after college sports.

While NIL rules have been loosened at the college level and more states allow high school student-athletes to monetize their NIL rights, student-athletes everywhere and at every level shouldn’t wait until college to start building their personal brands.

With ongoing text, email, and one-on-one help, we are available to help you get started or continue learning today.

We also offer one-on-one consultations – contact us and we can schedule a call to help you figure out your NIL goals and how to reach them.

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    Introducing: The Players NIL

    Disclaimer: All of the content created and released on The Players NIL channels are made as a guide and/or educational tools. Please consume all content at your discretion. The Players NIL is not a certified personal development or financial coach and does not guarantee any financial or professional results.

    Financial Literacy
    Pillar 5

    The final course, Financial Literacy, will not only teach student-athletes how to manage their finances, but also how to build long-term wealth through investing and leading a financially responsible life.

    Philanthropy and Community Service
    Pillar 4

    Giving back to the community is a critical part of brand-building and maintaining a positive association with your brand. The Philanthropy and Community Service course covers various ways for student-athletes to give back throughout the course of their career.

    Legal, Tax, and Compliance
    Pillar 3

    In the Legal, Tax, and Compliance course, student-athletes will learn important business skills and NIL-related regulations they will need to follow. Valuable tax-related information is also included as navigating taxes as an independent contractor or starting a business can be tricky for young adults.

    Influencer and Brand Relations
    Pillar 2

    Influencer and Brand Relations teaches student-athletes how to determine and increase their value to potential partners, negotiate deals, and commons mishaps to look out for.

    Personal Brand Development
    Pillar 1

    In our Personal Brand Development course, student-athletes will learn why it's necessary to build your own personal brand, as well as actionable steps to take to get started. We'll also go through managing your image and controlling your narrative across multiple platforms, and critical mistakes to avoid along the way.

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      Please note: The Players NIL Five-Pillars Course is currently available for purchase and the first Pillar module is live and can be accessed today! Each subsequent Pillar module will be released in the coming weeks according to our release schedule:

      Pillar 1: Personal Brand Development
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      Pillar 2: Influencer & Brand Relations
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      Pillar 3: Legal, Tax, and Compliance
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      Pillar 4: Philanthropy and Community Service
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      Pillar 5: Financial Literacy
      August 9, 2022

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        Disclaimer: All of the content created and released on The Players NIL channels are made as a guide and/or educational tools. Please consume all content at your discretion. The Players NIL is not a certified personal development or financial coach and does not guarantee any financial or professional results.

        Mark Koesterer

        Welcome. I’m Mark Koesterer, founder of The Players NIL, and I have a deep passion for this work. My background includes a long and extensive relationship with the sporting industry. As a former college athlete, I have first hand experience navigating the collegiate world. As a father of college athletes, I was actively involved with supporting the requirements needed to compete at the highest level, while maintaining focus on broader life goals. As the president and CEO of Sports Studio, I helped build a successful Hollywood sports and entertainment company.

        At Sports Studio, I interacted with athletes, brands, production companies, professional sports leagues, and agents. All of this gave me expert-level experience in digital marketing, branding, production, group licensing, sponsorship, influencer marketing, apparel design and production, and fan engagement.

        It’s ALL of this collective experience that I offer, while bringing you a premier level of service that will help you reach your goals. If you would like to learn how to build your brand and maximize your NIL potential, contact me today.

        The Players NIL is built for YOU.

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