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The Players NIL is an educational platform that equips student athletes with the financial and personal brand building skills to navigate NIL opportunities. The core curriculum provides the necessary tools to build a holistic NIL brand that aligns with the student athlete’s personal values and goals. Over the long term, The Players NIL will offer continued guidance in life skills after the student athlete’s playing career ends.

Our core pillars deliver unique content in an easy-to-follow online format, including video interaction, guest speakers, study materials and real-world examples of success, accessible via smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Whether you are an existing college athlete or a rising high school athlete, we can support your goals. Even if you have an existing representative agreement, you will see significant benefit from developing your individual brand. The Players NIL supplements those opportunities with foundational actions that will help create your brand.


Use our unique content and athlete-minded educational tools to grow your brand


Learn life skills that will serve you well past your athletic career


Meet and engage with industry experts; network with like-minded individuals

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Mark Koesterer

Welcome. I’m Mark Koesterer, founder of The Players NIL, and I have a deep passion for this work. My background includes a long and extensive relationship with the sporting industry. As a former college athlete, I have first hand experience navigating the collegiate world. As a father of college athletes, I was actively involved with supporting the requirements needed to compete at the highest level, while maintaining focus on broader life goals. As the president and CEO of Sports Studio, I helped build a successful Hollywood sports and entertainment company.

At Sports Studio, I interacted with athletes, brands, production companies, professional sports leagues, and agents. All of this gave me expert-level experience in digital marketing, branding, production, group licensing, sponsorship, influencer marketing, apparel design and production, and fan engagement.

It’s ALL of this collective experience that I offer, while bringing you a premier level of service that will help you reach your goals. If you would like to learn how to build your brand and maximize your NIL potential, contact me today.

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