Ashley Wick


Ashley Wick is a transformational leadership coach who works with high-performing women entrepreneurs in fashion, media, and design. She is most passionate about creating conscious leaders and corporate cultures from the inside out.

Ashley is a certified Co-active coach (PCC), the founder of her namesake coaching business, WICK AND Co., and co-creator of the Take The Leap and InGENIUS Life workshop series. Her coaching programs help her clients take exciting leaps, giving them access to untapped potential, possibility, and greater visibility.

Please tune in to learn more about Ashley and her work.

  • Her roots in sports and the bond with her father
  • Only you know what you are capable of
  • Being resilient on your terms despite outside influence
  • In leadership, the sum is greater than the parts
  • Being connected to something greater than yourself is more rewarding and keeps us engaged longer.
  • Unlocking a more significant potential for creative men and women, coaching mindset
  • Creating balance in young athletes’ lives, being multidimensional beyond sports through curiosity
  • What is the greater purpose of sports? What soft skills can we learn?
  • When parenting, possibilities are always greater without high expectations.

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      Welcome. I’m Mark Koesterer, founder of The Players NIL, and I have a deep passion for this work. My background includes a long and extensive relationship with the sporting industry. As a former college athlete, I have first hand experience navigating the collegiate world. As a father of college athletes, I was actively involved with supporting the requirements needed to compete at the highest level, while maintaining focus on broader life goals. As the president and CEO of Sports Studio, I helped build a successful Hollywood sports and entertainment company.

      At Sports Studio, I interacted with athletes, brands, production companies, professional sports leagues, and agents. All of this gave me expert-level experience in digital marketing, branding, production, group licensing, sponsorship, influencer marketing, apparel design and production, and fan engagement.

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