Building Credibility Through Sports

Charles McNeal

Master’s Student, Leadership & Strategic Design
University of Indianapolis

This week, master’s student Charles McNeal joins us to talk about how his college wrestling experience contributed to his professional development and how it led to him pursuing his master’s degree.

On top of being a full-time student and being on the men’s wrestling team, McNeal maximized his college experience by participating in many different activities, including being an RA, a student ambassador, joining clubs, and working several positions within the athletic department at his school. Being open to all of these experiences – mainly introduced to him through his involvement in wrestling – is what he attributes much of his success to in where he is today.

Covered in this episode:
  • How athletics can help you build confidence and credibility for future opportunities
  • The one trait from sports you don’t want to bring with you to your professional life
  • How wrestling helped him get into his master’s program
  • Why, as an athlete, you should always be conscious of who might be in the audience

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