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May 6, 2022

The Players NIL Partners with BuzzU to Offer Marketability Scores for Student-Athletes

The Players NIL and BuzzU partnership will help student-athletes maximize their potential in NIL opportunities.

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 6, 2022 – The Players NIL is proud to announce a strategic partnership with BuzzU that affirms our shared vision of providing education and resources for student-athletes to help them maximize their NIL opportunities.

The NCAA interim policy that allowed student-athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness has changed forever the dynamic of collegiate athletics. While numerous companies have struck headline-grabbing deals with student-athletes, few organizations have focused on ensuring that student-athletes are making the best decisions about their NIL opportunities.

BuzzU is a provider of local marketability rates, known as Buzz Scores, which give athletes valuation and leverage in turning their data into dollars. With the BuzzU technology, student-athletes receive a grade on their local marketability and a measurement on their reach. The Players NIL is an online education platform that ensures academic and athletic development is married with NIL preparation. Student-athletes who receive a BuzzU Score and complete The Players NIL Five-Pillars Course will be better positioned to achieve their NIL goals.

“BuzzU puts the power of data into the hands of student-athletes, providing an invaluable resource as they enter into paid NIL opportunities,” said Mark Koesterer, CEO and Co-Founder of The Players NIL. “Aligning with BuzzU and providing student-athletes with continuing education and marketability scores is a win-win for student-athletes across the country.”

Athletes who complete The Players NIL Five-Pillars Course will receive both actionable knowledge and a BuzzU score – a combination set to become the gold standard in the world of NIL education and technology.

“Positioning ourselves with companies who create opportunities for student-athletes is a top priority. The Players NIL spotlights education in a space that drastically needs it,” said Zach Novoselsky, CEO and Founder of BuzzU. “As a former Division I college athlete, I realize how unequipped the majority of the country is to monetize in relation to name, image, and likeness. The Players NIL and BuzzU are here to democratize the industry.”

About BuzzU:
BuzzU is a software company which uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to determine college athlete’s marketability. Using a combination of search engine, social media, and on field performance analytics, athlete’s will now have a quantifiable marketability rate. Known as a ‘Buzz Score’, these proprietary metrics can be used to leverage potential partnerships. Unlike other early movers in the industry, a Buzz Score cannot be manipulated as it is not solely based on influencer statistics.

About The Players NIL:
The Players NIL is an online educational platform that helps student-athletes make the best decisions about their NIL opportunities. The core curriculum provides student-athletes with the necessary tools to build a holistic NIL brand that aligns with their personal values and goals. Upon completion of the core curriculum, The Players NIL will offer student-athletes additional resources and continuing education as they move into the corporate world.

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